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by Artur Martínez

"The passion is at the same time the wings and the slab. Our secret has been to fly without moving from the ground."
"The family business is a universe that only you understand, but only at times"
"When I started we were few cooks who aspired to be chefs. Now there are many chefs who aspire to cook"
"Everything you cook is open to improvement. What you cook the best is debatable. You cannot please everyone."
"The first impulse of a good cook must be to dominate the internal instead of discovering the external."
"We have a serious problem if the package is valued more than the gift"
"We must re-educate the client. In high gastronomy, not everything is fireworks."
"In the shadow there is a hidden beauty. Sometimes light is blinding"
"A cook without resources gives much more if he sees a challenge in the limit"
"The good cook is a rebel with a cause"
"Speeches should not have an alibi. The best kitchen is an orgy of tests"
"A disgruntled eater takes the same time writing an email to the restaurant as writing a review on TripAdvisor. The first option is constructive and private. The second seeks popular notoriety and revenge, both disguised"